On this page I don't intend to be long on description for each attraction that Rhodes has to offer the visitor, but rather to simply give you links where possible to each attraction's own website (if it has one), or other sites that give information about it, so that you can eventually find sources of information about all of Rhodes' major places of interest in this one place.

As with other pages that I've developed on this blog, this one will grow with time as I continue to add attractions to the list, so I hope you'll re-visit this page from time to time to see what's new.

I'll list the attractions simply in alphabetical order [Note: if any of the links on this page don't work any longer, I'd be grateful if you would let me know. It's a virtual impossibility to keep up with all of them - thanks.] ...

The Acropolis of Rhodes - situated above the modern town of Rhodes.
• Excellent review of the whole area with some good photographs at the bottom of the page can be found at
• Nice page about the Acropolis at Discover Rhodes too.

For more info check out this post. The Temple of Apollo and the stadium date back to three centuries before Christ. The partially restored columns of the ruined temple are a favourite for people to take sunset photos. There is a map showing the location of the Rhodes Acropolis here. If you wonder why this area was once called Monte Smith, perhaps this link will help. Essential for anyone visiting this island.

The Aquarium, Rhodes Town. Situated on the northern-most tip of the island.
Official website 

Archangelos Olive Oil Factory. It's a working olive oil mill during the winter time, but a fascinating glimpse into the process of extracting olive oil when open to the public during the summer season. Official website.

Butterfly Valley, or "Petaloudes".
Wikipedia page 
• Someone's Youtube video
Discover Rhodes 
• The Butterfly Train's own website

Eleoussa - an interesting village on the road across the island from Kolymbia to Fanes.
• A good site for photos of Eleoussa.
• Pages on this blog with info and/or photos:
  - "Old Italian Buildings and stuff" 
  - "Any Bream will do"  

Embona, a village in the interior of the island towards the south. It's the centre of the wine-producing region of Rhodes and boasts a number of wineries offering tastings and examples of their wines.

Once a year they hold a wine festival here and it's a great occasion of dancing and street vendors selling food and wines and other locally-produced products.
Rhodes Guide page about Embona 
Rhodes Travel page about Embona  

Filerimos. It's where that huge stone cross is that you see from what everyone calls the "airport road", which joins the airport to the Rhodes-Lindos highway on the other side of the island.
View from Filerimos northwards, toward Rhodes Town

View from the terrace where the cross stands toward the old airport (now military)

Filerimos page on Rhodes Guide website (scroll down past the ads for lots of photographs).
• Filerimos on
• A couple more photos and some info can be found on my "Rhodes Trivia" page under the subheading "Places".
Kallithea Springs - Just north of Faliraki, a beautiful, chic waterside spot.
Faliraki Directory page about Kallithea
Nice Youtube video (filmed before the restoration of the rotunda building was complete).
• Check out some photos I took myself in this post

Kamiros, ancient village - situated on the west coast of the island
There are loads of sites giving info about Ancient Kamiros, so here are just a few...
Rhodes Guide page 
Wikipedia page 
Discover Rhodes Kamiros page 

The imposing kastro of Kritinia
Kritinia, village and kastro, west coast, just below Kamiros Skala.
Wikipedia page
Rhodes Guide page page  

Photo taken shortly before the opening, hence the fence!

Lardos Folklore Museum, on the road to Pefkos, opposite the mini-golf. The brainchild and labour of love of one local resident, a guy named Panagiotis, who is passionate about his village's heritage and history.


Rhodes/ page
• Folklore Museum of Lardos, Facebook page
The Folkore Museum of Lardos is open during the season from 10.00am until 3.00pm and then again from 6.00pm until 9.00pm. 

Lindos, ancient village and jewell of the Aegean.
Lindos Eye
Lindos on Wikipedia

Monolithos - On the west coast, north of Apollakia and south of the village of Siana. A stunning pillar of rock, topped with a castle, rising out of the coastal plain.
Wikipedia page, which includes a few photos plus other useful links.

• Check out the post "Say Cheese" and scroll to the bottom for several photos taken atop the Monolith at Monolithos.

Prasonisi - where two seas meet. Way down south there's a sandbar that joins a tiny island at the furthest most southerly tip of Rhodes to the main island. Occasionally during spring tides the sandbar is submerged, but usually one can walk along it and up on to the island at the end. As you descend the hill toward the beach, where there are a few apartments (where predominantly surfers stay) and a couple of tavernas, you get a stunning view of the sandbar and island at the end, with the crashing waves of the Aegean to the right and flat calm waters of the Med to the left.

Most of the time, owing to the prevailing winds, one can see kite surfers and bodyboarders to the right, whilst just a hundred metres or so to the left there will be people lazily floating on lilos on a mirror-flat sea. be careful about driving a regular-sized car too far out on to the sand. There is a tractor ever ready to tow you out, but at a price! Keep to the designated parking areas and you'll be OK.

A good page about Prasonisi with lots of nice photos if you scroll down past the ads is this one

Psinthos - This is a delightful village in the island's hinterland, with a really lovely central square, surrounded by restaurants and a few shops and bars. It's the perfect place to have a stroll of a summer's evening before settling into a taverna table for a really good meal. There are a couple of excellent tavernas just a little way outside the village too.
Rhodes Info Psinthos page
Rhodes Guide Psinthos page (including map) Psinthos age (with some nice photos)

Rhodes Old Town, or "Medieval City".
Right on the corner at the bottom of the Street of the Knights there is a Tourist Information Office. I always recommend to my excursion guests (on a Tuesday, with Olympic Holidays, from the South of the island) to go in there and grab a full-colour A3 (folds to 4-page A4) map of the Old Town (see two photos below)...

 This will enable you to explore some of the smaller backstreets without getting lost, or at least if you do get lost, to find a landmark or street name and then work out where you are!
Rhodes Guide info
Matt Barrett's Travel Guide

Rhodes Water Park, Faliraki
Water Park web site info about Water Park 

Seven Springs [Epta Piges - pronounced peegez, stressing the 'gez' part]:  
A beauty spot not far from Kolymbia.
• Some bloke's fun video on YouTube
Rhodes Guide page (nice photos if yo scroll down far enough past the ads)'s Seven Springs page.

Siana: A pretty village up in the hills to the south-west. Where they specialize in Souma, Thyme honey and rugs. page
Rhodes Guide page page
The above list continues to grow, so do check back from time to time.


  1. Have been holidaying in Rhodes on and off now for almost 20 years and in July this year for the first time we paid a visit to Kalithea Springs. Well worth a visit, even though it was very busy. I wish I had discovered it years ago.

    1. Excellent and I've just noticed that I haven't put Kallithea on this page yet. I shall rectify that soon, meanwhile see the post "Moscow, I'm Russian..."

  2. I read your post just after we had visited, in fact a lot of your posts prompted us to visit places, this year that we hadn't been to before. Thank you

    1. Looks like the blog's doing its job then! Glad it helped. Makes all the work I put into it worthwhile.